Cancer Support


We have known for a long time that there is an intimate connection between the mind and the body. The latest research has begun to show us in increasing detail exactly how this relationship works. It is also beginning to show us that there are many levels to the mind, including the unconscious mind and the transpersonal, or spiritual mind.

While we might believe that consciously we are positive and happy, the unconscious mind may well be carrying very self-negative messages from the past which cause us to act out self-defeating behaviours. Add into the mix a significant degree of stress causing a cocktail of nasty chemicals to be continually present in the body, and the result is depression of the immune system leading to ill health and, for some of us, cancer.

Psycho-Neuro-Immunology (or PNI) helps us to understand how stress can cause illness and how we can reverse the problem in order to bring about renewal and healing; strengthening the immune system by working through the mind. This is particularly effective with cancer. (see Lawrence LeShan "Cancer as a Turning Point").

We would not recommend psychotherapy as the only course of action for cancer but would say it is a very important part of a programme of therapies for dealing with this illness. We advocate an integrated approach which utilises and strengthens all of the body's resources to enable the restoration of good health and wholeness.

The approach we take is fivefold:

  • Dealing with the distress of diagnosis. Learning about PNI.
  • Emotional release, not only of present difficulties but also of unfinished business from the past.
  • Letting go of "victim" consciousness and seeking the Meaning within the cancer crisis and the opportunities for life changes that the cancer brings.
  • The use of visualisation techniques, using the power of the imagination to assist the body to deal with the cancer.
  • Teaching relaxation and meditation to assist the reduction of stress.


We can offer one to one therapy sessions or group work which has the added bonus of the extra support that comes from the other group members who are having to deal with similar issues and crises.

We can also offer help and advice on diet and other complementary approaches.

We would like to stress that our approach is INTEGRATIVE rather than alternative. We do not advise people to abstain from orthodox medicine.

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