Barbara Cole

About Me

Barbara Cole

I graduated from the University of Sussex in 1983 with an Honours Degree in Religious Studies combined with Humanistic Psychology. I specialised in the Hindu Philosophies, Mysticism and the role of Sexuality in Religion. I studied Humanistic Psychology with Brian Bates and became particularly interested in Transpersonal Psychology and Psychosynthesis.

I trained with the Institute of Psychosynthesis in London from 1983 to 1988, receiving Diplomas in both Psychosynthesis Counselling and Psychotherapy. I started my private practice in Sussex in 1984. I was a member of staff at the Institute for one year and later trained in Supervision with Metanoia Institute in London.

In the last 24 years I have worked with a very wide variety of clients, and continue to do so. I also began to work with clients suffering from Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder. This started a huge learning curve, there being no experts and no literature on this disorder at the time apart from that written by Psychiatrists using drugs. I found the combination of depth psychotherapy to sort out the origins of the problem and the Will work that Psychosynthesis has developed extremely effective with clients suffering from this particularly distressing disorder.

I established Psychosynthesis UK in 1994 in response to many requests for affordable Psychosynthesis training and ran training courses in the South East and the North West of England for several years.

In 2004, feeling the need to move on from the confines of the therapy room, I created Evolution Intensives, a series of residential group workshops designed to prepare the personality for spiritual growth.

In 2006 my own experience with cancer initiated another steep learning curve. I refused chemotherapy because of its toxicity and so began a journey into discovering natural treatments for cancer and cancer prevention that had already begun back in the 1980s with visits to the Bristol Cancer Help Centre, where I still go for retreats. The cancer helped me to take a long look at my life and begin to bring about both internal and external changes. I am now able to offer a Support service for other people with cancer.

My core belief is that therapy should respect individuality, that it should be compassionate and gentle and that it can also be exciting and at times even fun.

My greatest inspirations are the qualities of innocence and mystery. I am deeply moved by the beauty of the natural world and my current spiritual teachers are my grandsons, Jayden and Zach, who teach me a lot about honesty, simplicity and laughter.