Counselling * Psychotherapy * Hypnotherapy


Counselling helps us to find workable solutions to problems that might have become too difficult to resolve alone or with the help of friends and family.

Some problems cannot be shared with friends or family because we fear the strength of our feelings will make others view us as 'strange' or 'over the top', particularly if what we are worrying about appear irrational or 'weird'.

We may also not want to burden the people close to us with our own problems.

Counselling offers a non-judgmental and sympathetic ear that can help people unburden themselves by expressing their thoughts and feelings in a safe, confidential atmosphere.

It also helps us to find our own unique solutions to the problems we face so that we can move on in our lives.


Psychotherapy helps us to look into the deeper aspects of the problems we have, taking into account old negative and self-defeating messages and processes that we may be carrying from our past conditioning.

When these old messages are rooted out we can replace them with new and more life-enhancing messages about ourselves and our lives. This is the basis of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (or CBT) which is an important aspect of Psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy can also offer us so much more in terms of being able to deal with the cause of the problems and resolve them in ways that help us feel empowered and confident.


Hypnotherapy helps us to access our memory stores and separate old uncomfortable or painful memories from the emotion that is stored along with them, thus freeing us from the past. It can also be a way of quickly dealing with addictive processes such as smoking, drugs and alcoholism.

It also deals with weight loss by re-programming the mind to stop craving for food.

With Hypnotherapy we can also take control of mental and physical processes that keep us trapped in cycles of dis-ease and depression, releasing us to discover new and more healthy ways to live our lives.

An Integrated Approach

I use all of the above techniques in an integrated way to deal with whatever kind of problems a person brings to therapy.

Having a wide range of techniques means greater flexibility, which is a fundamental requirement in bringing about the unique healing of each unique person with their own unique difficulty.

At every step of the way I work co-operatively with each person, recognising that each person knows deep down within themselves what needs to happen to bring back wholeness and harmony to their lives and relationships.

I view each individual life as a journey which has many paths and strands.

A crisis is a time when we have to stop, take stock, look at where we have been and what it is that we are aiming for in order to make a choice that will take us forward, whether that may be a new path in life or a re-affirmation of the path we have already chosen, once the obstacles have been removed.