Evolution Intensives

A programme for personal and spiritual development created by Psychosynthesis UK

Evolution Intensives is a new form of psycho-spiritual growth work inspired by the theories of Roberto Assagioli, Carl Jung, James Hillman, Abraham Maslow, Stanislav Grof and Ken Wilber. It also embraces the wisdom teachings of the world’s religions, particularly Buddhism/Hinduism and the Shamanic practice of ‘soul retrieval’.

Early in the last century Roberto Assagioli, having studied under both Freud and Jung, and inspired by the ideas of the pioneering Humanistic theorists of his time, created a form of spiritual growth which he called Psychosynthesis meaning, quite literally, the synthesis of the psyche, or ‘soul’.

Finding that many who set out upon this evolutionary path were deterred along the way by the pathologies present within their own personalities, Psychosynthesis was later developed into a form of therapeutic intervention designed to sort out the knots and tangles within the personality as a prelude to spiritual growth.

In our present therapy culture Psychotherapy appears to have disconnected itself from its original intention: the study and exploration of Soul. It has begun instead to focus almost entirely upon pathology.

Evolution Intensives has grown out of the need to heal the pathology that has entered into Psychology today with its professionalisation and its emphasis on negativity, by taking us back to Psyche-ology, or the exploration of Soul. It takes us out of the isolation of the therapy room and puts us back into the group setting for Soul-work, so that we may share and grow strong in honest and caring relationships with a group of fellow travellers who are also searching for healing and expansion.

Evolution Intensives takes the form of a closed group of not more than twelve members, meeting together for 9 weekends over the course of a year in a residential setting. During the year participants will learn how to understand the subtle processes at work within their personality, viewing and understanding these processes through the many ‘windows’ created by Psychosynthesis and other transpersonal theories.

They will learn to re-appraise the experience of having been wounded, both personally and existentially. They will explore how these wounds may be transmuted into opportunities for change, through which they may learn compassion, connectedness and maturity.

They will be offered the opportunity to let go of old dysfunctional myths of being small and powerless, finding openness, creativity, authenticity and potential, thereby becoming co-creators in the process of their own evolution.

They will also learn how to balance, integrate and harmonise the various elements of the personality and how to begin to transcend the personality in order to align with the spiritual direction of the Greater Self. The help of the spiritual Inner Guide will be enlisted as an integral element of the journey into self-discovery and evolution.

Evolution Intensives will offer the opportunity for the group to continue to meet together, with or without facilitation, to continue the journey they have been undertaking together for as long as the participants feel the need for the support and encouragement of the group.

Occasional workshops and retreats will also be offered to past participants who may feel the need for an extra boost or a new vision for their spiritual journey.

Each participant will be interviewed to determine their suitability for the Intensive. Some applicants may be asked to undertake a period of time in personal therapy before joining a group. A new group will begin every six months.

Course fees may be paid in several sums but must be paid in full before commencement of the course.

Residential fees are to be paid on each individual weekend.

Deposit is £100 payable with booking (non-refundable unless not accepted at interview).

Evolution Intensives


Weekend 1

Introduction and context for the programme. Introducing Assagioli’s ‘Egg’ diagram as the basis of our understanding of personality. Telling our story. Going beyond the veil and beginning to ask the question: ‘Who am I?’

Weekend 2

Body/Feelings/Mind as components of personality. Discovering and exploring Sub-personalities and learning to dis-identify from the contents of personality. Introduction to the Inner Guide.

Weekend 3

Exploring the great archetypes of Love and Power and how they manifest within the personality. Identifying personal dysfunctional myths and replacing them with positive models of self-identity.

Weekend 4

Exploring aspects of the Shadow, both personal and transpersonal, and finding the personal ‘Power Animal’ as the helper from the lower realm.

Weekend 5

The Wounded Healer. Exploring how that which has wounded us may also become the guide on our evolutionary journey.

Weekend 6

The Hindu/Buddhist understanding of Chakras, or ‘wheels of energy’, disseminating consciousness through 7 centres within the body. This theory is specially adapted for the Western mind, to create a developmental view of personality which illustrates how blocks in the flow of energy occur that can cause physical as well as psychological illness.

Weekend 7

Exploring gender, sexuality and spirituality as fundamental components of identity and self expression. These powerful forces are often locked into a damaging conflict within the personality, holding us back from the evolution we seek. When freed, these energies may enhance the quest for evolution, rather than continually pulling consciousness back into the realm of the shadow.

Weekend 8

The Hero’s Journey. Building a new life-enhancing personal myth to en-form the evolutionary journey. Learning to surrender.

Weekend 9

Contacting the Higher Power. Learning meditation as the means to higher and higher levels of union with, and service to the Greater Self.

The Methods

In this programme we will use Creative Visualisation, Art Work, Psycho-Drama, Short Periods of Retreat into Nature, Group Discussion and sharing experiences of the exercises in pairs and small groups.

Saturday evenings will be free time in which we may rest, take part in entertaining each other, have group discussions on related topics or watch videos of relevant talks and films.

To promote the necessary concentration on the inner world, it is required that participants do not leave the Centre during the weekends, except in emergencies.

It is also required that mobile phones are switched off and contact with home is limited to short, necessary calls only. The Centre is a ‘no smoking’ area and participants are requested not to drink alcohol or use recreational drugs during the Intensives.

The Venue

To be announced prior to start of the course.

Evolution Intensives is a completely new concept in psychotherapy and spiritual awareness. It enables participants to observe, understand and heal their wounds in depth; thereby removing the blocks to spiritual growth and adding new dimensions of meaning. It enables and serves each participant’s journey into their highest potential. It also fosters an atmosphere of intimacy and support within the group so that each person’s journey maybe shared, witnessed, held and valued.

For the soul walks upon all paths.
The Soul walks not upon a line,
neither does it grow like a reed.
The Soul unfolds itself,
like a lotus of
Kahlil Gibran